About Secret Gift Exchange

A Secret Santa Gift Exchange is a Christmas ritual involving a group of people exchanging anonymous gifts. The purpose of Secret Santa is to restrict gift-giving by limiting the number of people for which you have to purchase gifts. Because of this, it is often practiced in workplaces, or amongst large families.

In a typical Secret Santa gift exchange, participants' names are placed in a hat, and each person draws a name for whom they are to buy a gift. Along with name submission, each participant may also submit a short wish list of items from which the gift-giver can choose. There is often a limit to how much can be spent on the present. Presents are then exchanged anonymously.

There is usually a gift-giving occasion, where all the presents are placed on a table, marked with the name of the receiver but not the giver. Sometimes the gift-giver will personally give the recipient the present, thereby revealing their identity.

Our Secret Santa Gift Exchange website offers a modern twist allowing organizers and participants to manage the draw, wish lists and exchange exclusions any time of the year for any gift exchange occasion.

This free secret santa gift exchange web site is available 24 hours a day, every day, all year long.