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Welcome to the BETA version of Secret Gift 2.0!  We hope you enjoy testing our new site as it took a large effort to get this going.  We have a nice a new look and several new features but unfortunately we could not migrate any of the previous accounts so you will need to start over if you wish to use this site. Also remember as a beta version, we are still testing so you may find bugs as you go.

If you do find any bugs, we would appreciate you contacting us via the Contact Us page and letting us know the problem and the name of your group so that we can try to fix it. Our goal is the have this site completely tested and fully functional by sometime next year.

Please remember that while we would love to contact each person back that contacts us, sometimes we can't because we have a limited number of people and since the site is free we don't have any funds to hire a support staff. However, we will take all bug reports and address those as quickly as possible.

Secret Gift Support Team